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The Thunder Bolt (or ThunderBolt) is a crossbow-type weapon in TimeShift. It's found in the ninth mission, and is one of the weapons used by the Krone Guards and Occupant members, and other enemies.


This crossbow fires a bolt with energy, which deals heavy armor penetration to most of your enemies, and when they get hit by one, the bolts will explode for a short time on the target, causing tremendous amount of damage to them. These bolts have a distinctive orange-red light, a good sign that a user has fired the Thunder Bolt, as well as giving you time to avoid ones fired by enemies.

It's worth noting that the bolts fired don't seem to be affected by gravity, so the bolts will shoot in a straight line, which makes your shots perfectly precise. For Krone Guards though, they seem to have a great lack of accuracy when firing the crossbow, and your suit provides protection against the enemies' energy bolts. But the bolts however take time to reach their target.

2005-2006 beta version[]


The Thunder Bolt appeared in the 2005-2006 pre-release demo but here it was called the Krossbow (seen on the right). Here it looked a lot like the Thunder Bolt, except being much more metal-like, unlike the Thunder Bolt. It has a slightly diffrent scope, and the stock is slightly longer. It also has different sounds, for example the firing sound of which is much louder than the Thunder Bolt's firing sound.

The actual bolt of the Krossbow has a different appearance compared to the Thunder Bolt's bolt and the Krossbow. When the Krossbow is fired, the bolt has a blue light when travelling and has what looks like blue energy, especially when the bolt explodes. This blue electricity of the bolt can be seen when it's still in the Krossbow's chamber where as in the final game, the bolt of the Thunder Bolt has a orange light and the bolt's orange energy seems to be contained. Other than these differences though it functions the same as it does in TimeShift's release version.


  • The Thunder Bolt is technically considered to be the "best" weapon in the game due to it's high damage, and abundance of ammo. It seemingly does better than any other gun in the game.